ERBP Terms & Condition

Employee Referral Bonus Program (ERBP) is an initiative taken by to expand capabilities of Employee Referral programs being run by multiple companies. Employee referral happens when an organization’s employees recruit job candidates from the people they know. Hires sourced by referral are prized because they recruit faster, last longer as employees, and perform better in their work.

With ERBP, SahiJobHai is bringing employees of multiple organization on a single platform. A platform where they can share jobs within their organization to a large network of people, which in return provides better candidates for those jobs. Hence, increasing potential of Referral Bonus for employees.

Once an employee of an organization joins ERBP, he/she is termed as ‘Referral Associate’. He/she must follow terms and Conditions of ERBP that has been set by SahiJobHai. Failing to it will lead will permanent termination of membership of this program.

Below Terms and Conditions has been explained with the help of following assumptions: –

A ‘Candidate’ is a person whose resume is being forwarded for interview.

Person A: This is Referral Associate to whom a candidate’s profile has been shared by SahiJobHai.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Referral Associate (Person A) is required to provide maximum and accurate details of the job to Candidate.
  • Referral Associate (Person A) is required to let know if he/she is planning to leave its organization in next 5 months.
  • 55-45 rule: This is the most crucial rule for ERBP. This rule comes in effect when a candidate successfully selected in an organization and completes minimum tenure to make Referral Associate (Person A) eligible for Employee Referral Bonus. Once a Referral Associate (Person A) receives Employee Referral Bonus from company, he/she is entitled to share 45% of the Referral Bonus to SahiJobHai. Rest 55% of Referral Bonus should be kept by Person A.
  • Once a candidate’s resume is uploaded on organization’s system as referral, organization may send a confirmation email to candidate. It is duty of Referral Associate (Person A) to confirm from candidate that he/she must complete steps as asked in that confirmation email.
  • Update Ticket details: Person A must update ERBP tickets accurately as soon as he/she receives any progress in recruitment process of candidate.

SahiJobHai is very focused for smooth functioning of this program. Members violating terms and condition will be permanently terminated from this program and loose earning opportunity from ERBP Network.

Please note that above conditions can be updated without prior notice.